Sunday, January 5, 2014

Farewell 2013. Thanks for the memories.

The roses almost floated away with 30+ inches of rain in July

When I was a kid I used to hear people say how quickly time passed as they grew older. And my reply was always “are you kidding? It’s at least a million years between Christmas and summer vacation.”

Now that I am approaching a certain age, it seems those folks were right. If pressed for an explanation, I could not tell you what happened to 2013. I remember falling asleep before the ball dropped in Times Square to end 2012. And I recall watching it drop the other evening to usher in the New Year.

Luckily I have my photos to nudge my memory as to what happened in between. 

I discovered some new waterfalls while walking this past winter. No worries about bears and snakes so I feel confident about wandering around in the woods.

My Shortia bloomed along with a host of other new wildflowers including Soloman's Seal and Shooting Stars.

Shooting Star

Soloman's Seal is a native that blooms in April and May

Shortia Galacifolia

We visited Christopher Carrie and his wonderful Mother Bulbarella and enjoyed an afternoon seeing their wildflowers and spectacular rhododendrons.
Rhododendrons thrive outside Clyde

A fox, barred owl, turkeys and assorted bears stopped by this summer.

One of our more interesting visitors

Memorial Day was memorable at the Biltmore where I was greeted by the intoxicating scent of over 2500 roses and did research for an article on the International Rose Trials. (I am now on the judging panel which is quite an honor.)

Doug Gifford invited us back to see his unforgettable mountain garden and once again, we were gobsmacked.

In early October I once again judged the Garden Club of Virginia Show at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond. A perfect bloom of Randy Scott stole the show, but the Butterflies Live! exhibit stole my heart.

The Conservatory at Lewis Ginter

A Chocolate Pansy landed on my sleeve – that means good luck!

My iBook The Dirt Diaries earned a 5-star rating in early October!


 A new adventure for the Hunts! Dear friends invited us to join them for a few days in Nantucket, an area of the country I'd never visited. What a feast for the senses.

Virtually every home and business displayed spectacular window boxes
Cranberries are still harvested from this bog

We'd had so much fun in New York last December. we decided to go back for the sights, the sounds, the lights. And an encore performance of A Prairie Home Companion.

The fabulous Garrison Keillor talks about Lake Woebegone

Bright lights, big city
The  tree beside the skating rink at Bryant Park

Of course all year long I looked for birds who were willing  to have their picture made. Some cooperated, others skedaddled. That is only appropriate because for me, this year simply flew away.


Les said...

I was in bed before 10 on New Year's Eve, not because I couldn't stay awake, it was by choice. Congratulations on your milestone, and happy 2014 to you!

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you Les. One of the joys of this past year was participating in your Winter Walk Off. And of course visiting you at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. What a treat to see how that rose garden has flourished!

Phillip Oliver said...

A wonderful year in your garden and the ones you visited!

sweetbay said...

Those rose arches at Biltmore are gorgeous. So is Doug Gifford's garden, especially with those views!

Lynn Hunt said...

Sweetbay, the roses at Biltmore are gorgeous. And photos can't do Doug's garden justice! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. In case you missed this posting, here are some other photos of Biltmore roses:

The Principal Undergardener said...

What a great way of remembering a year! If a picture is worth a thousand words, you just wrote a novelette!

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you so much Neal. A compliment from you always makes my day (and week!)

Teresa / The Garden Diary said...

What a fun year and a super way to enjoy over and over. Your pictures are outstanding.

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you so much Teresa. I had fun putting it all together, but it does seem like the year went by so quickly. And I can't believe it is almost Valentine's Day already!!

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