Thursday, May 12, 2016

New faces and welcome old ones in our spring garden.

Bleeding Hearts near our trail

One never knows what winters in the mountains will bring. Unlike many friends who also live here full time, we don’t escape to Florida when cold winds start to blow. We actually enjoy the season and look forward to being snowed or iced in for a day or two as long as we have plenty of good food and wine.

This winter was a bit different. My mother fell in November and broke her hip and did not recover as well as the doctors had hoped. I went down to Florida several times to help out. Here at home we did have one nice snow, but the rest of the season was pretty much a blur.

Mother passed away somewhat unexpectedly a few weeks ago. Please don’t feel sorry, it was a blessing. She had some serious ailments we didn’t know about, and she went downhill quite quickly.

When I returned from the service in Florida, Carolina wildflowers greeted me. The 14 roses I’d planted or moved the day before she died were displaying vigorous new growth. And it looked like the hydrangeas were setting buds after two flowerless years. I appreciated all these sights more than I can say.

Pink Lady Slippers are blooming
A garden can be a source of joy and a source of solace. The past few months have been tinged with sadness. But I am comforted by the hope that 2016 will be one of our most rewarding gardening years ever. 

We added Yellow Lady Slipper Orchids to the wildflower garden

A segment of our forest has become trillium heaven this year

A clematis we thought was a goner is back and blooming

'Music Box' is a new addition to the rose garden

Can't wait to see my new 'Cherry Parfait' look this yummy

The Bluets down by the stream have been showing off for weeks

'The Poet's Wife'

'The Poet’s Wife’ is just one of six new David Austin roses that will be taking a bow in the Hunt garden this year. You can be sure when they start flowering, along with the hydrangeas, salvias, coneflowers, centranthus and  phlox, I will wax poetic about them all.

Until then, happy Spring.


Beth at PlantPostings said...

So much beauty there, Lynn. I'm glad you are finding solace in your peaceful, lovely garden.

Casa Mariposa said...

Sometimes death is a blessing. How comforting to have a beautiful garden to return to. A forest full of trilliums is a gift, indeed. :o)

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you,Beth.I just looked at your last Plant Postings and your garden is gorgeous as well. Aren't we lucky?

Lynn Hunt said...

Hi Casa Mariposa, Yes, in my mom's case it certainly was a blessing. But she'd had almost 86 mostly good, healthy years. Sometimes I miss the trilliums because the deer get to them before I do. Not this year! By the way that nodding purple columbine in your garden is stunning.

Phillip Oliver said...

'Poet's Wife' is absolutely stunning!

Lynn Hunt said...

Phillip, everyone is excited about Olivia Rose Austin (which was in the same introductory class), but I can't wait to see The Poet's Wife!

Teresa/ said...

Spring always gives us so much hope! After winter -- whether cold or just dark, we need that fresh start that spring brings!I am with you ... this is going to be a great growing year. Your wildflowers are amazing! My trillium have been so great this year.

Lynn Hunt said...

I love the trilliums Teresa! I have about 4 varieties and of course, want more. You are right, spring is so welcome after the past several months. Glad you enjoyed my wildflowers. When I see the Halberd-leaf violet, I know spring is close at hand!

Sunil Patel said...

Hello Lynn, such wonderful flower pictures, and so early too. We're still waiting for the roses and the Clematis and I am eagerly anticipating the front border where seven David Austin roses were planted in January the year before, they're all at bud stage and just starting to colour, agonisingly slowly! I hope this gardening year turns out even more spectacular than the last, for all of us.

Lynn Hunt said...

I well remember the roses in your front garden. I know they will be gorgeous this year. Can't wait to see the photos! Mine are just starting to bloom and I know this year's display will be much superior to 2015!

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