Monday, June 15, 2015

Return to Rose Paradise

 In 2012, I wrote about my first visit to Doug and Shari's majestic mountaintop rose garden. If you missed "What you didn't see in Southern Living", you can read the article here.

Since then, I've hung around photographing the garden so often, we've all become friends. I ran into Doug at a local garden center (where else?) in late May and he urged me to stop by soon because everything was blooming at the same time and the roses were in top form. Of course, I made a beeline over there and the garden looked more spectacular than ever. 

Words still cannot describe the beauty. 

Words truly are not necessary. 


Last night we were honored to be on the guest list for the celebration of Doug and Shari's 45th wedding anniversary. It was the first time I had seen the garden at sunset. 

I can't wait for more magnificent photo ops in years to come.



Sue said...

Great photos of a gorgeous garden!

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you, Sue! It is such a pleasure to visit there. The mountain views and roses are spectacular.

Sunil Patel said...

Hi Lynn, this garden is so beautiful it's unreal. The views are jaw-dropping and if that wasn't enough, the garden itself is fighting for your attention too! It's almost too much! I remember reading the first post and seeing the first pictures of this garden and I'm very happy to see it again! It truly is a stunning garden!

Les said...


Janneke said...

Thank you for showing us around in this heavenly rose garden. Living and working there must feel like being in paradise.

Lynn Hunt said...

Janneke, so good to hear from you! That garden is like being in paradise but it is a lot of work. The deadheading alone is a killer. He has a great sign underneath his doorbell: If no answer, pull weeds!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
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