Thursday, July 9, 2015

July is dressed up and playing her tune

Love these delicate, canary yellow daylilies

July got off to an unhappy start with Chris back in the hospital for emergency surgery. The work that was done last September went bad, so he had an unplanned six-day staycation at Mission in Asheville.

Thankfully all is going well and he is now home trying to do too much out in the garden.

I can’t blame him because July is when everything is happening from the veggie patch to the roadside to the rose garden. Tomatoes are ripening, wild rhododendrons are showing off, and the roses are just getting their second wind.

It’s a great month to enjoy all the blooms around us, and appreciate how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Even when there is the occasional health hiccup.

Skylark with more blooms and buds than ever

Thomas Edison
Volunteer Balloon Flowers. No clue where they came from.
I'm becoming a phlox phanatic. This was from a "free to good home" bin

The wild rhodies are near their peak. The mountain laurel was the prettiest we've seen in years

Genevieve and visitor
Our Nikkos got nipped again but the Annabelles are gorgeous at High Hampton
The Lark Ascending and visitor

Sir John Betjeman

The Indian Pipes are in bloom

My black and blue salvia has come back for a second year

Welcome to our mountain world, where things are always looking up


Janneke said...

Beautiful place in the mountains, with lots of flowers to enjoy.
July is a glorious garden month with lots of work and joy in the garden. I'm deadheading roses day after day.....but I love to be busy surrounded by lovely fragrances.
All the best with the recovery of your husband.

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you Janneke. He is doing better, and seeing the all the flowers both in our garden and in the area is like a tonic for us both!

Teresa Byington said...

I love getting to see your beautiful world thru your lens! I keep looking at these pictures over and over. Especially can't enough of those wild Rhodos! Speedy recovery to that charming man in your life! xo

Lynn Hunt said...

It's funny Teresa, the wild rhodies seem to have their own personal schedule. Some years they are spectacular and others they put out very few flowers. Even the experts don't know why. This year we have another impressive display so I will enjoy it because who knows what they'll decide to do in 2016! Chris is recovering nicely, thank you!! xo

Sunil Patel said...

Hello Lynn, I hope Chris recovers quickly and is up and about again before the July show is over. I love the Dahlia and the roses, ours are starting their second flush too. I've been so busy in the garden that I need to stop and take photos as I almost missed the first flowering!

Lynn Hunt said...

Hi Sunil! Thank you - Chris s doing much better and will get the staples out tomorrow. Then we can start planning our trip to England for his naval academy reunion in September. Where is your new home and garden? It would be so fun to meet you in person! Yes, please do take photos because we all enjoy watching your garden progress.

Sunil Patel said...

Hello Lynn, where is your Naval Academy reunion happening? We're about 50 minutes out west from London in Berkshire. It would be fun to meet up if you're anywhere around our way - you can give me a hand and tips with rose pruning!

Lynn Hunt said...

Sunil, the reunion is in Dartmouth, but after that weekend we'll be coming up to London for about a week. The last few days we'll be in Windsor so I hope we can get together. My e-mail is: Drop me a note with your e-mail address when you can. No rush!

Les said...

I hope Chris has continued to progress. I know being surrounded by such a lovely garden can't do anything but help.

Lynn Hunt said...

Thank you. Les. The garden and his little veggie patch have been wonderful diversions for him during the recovery. He was supposed to take it easy, but a tiny bit of deadheading and weeding proved to be good for his spirits.

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