Monday, September 24, 2018

Summer circles the drain

We had an above par summer start with a trip to the Masters
For a variety of reasons I call the past few months the “summer from hell”. We had a parade of trials and tribulations, but I dare not complain too much because folks about 6 hours to the east of us are still under water thanks to a cantankerous gal named Florence.

This shrub went from vigorous to dead in two months
Having said that, I do want to mention that by mid-August, we’d had over 100 inches of rain here in the mountains. No wonder so many of my plants (including roses) rotted. The few healthy blooms were snarfed down by a groundhog. (The brat  even came up on the porch and ate the blooms off plants I had yet to put in the ground.) At one point I was tempted to throw in the trowel. That has never happened before in all my gardening years. 

 So dear reader, here are a few examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.

'Earth Angel' was heavenly

'Vanessa Bell' was another winner

Clearweeds came out of nowhere and infested the garden
We had more bears this summer than ever...

...and fewer butterflies. But Woodrow the groundhog was everywhere.

Thankfully I am an optimist by nature and am already am making a list of cool new plants to add next spring.

As a bonus, I have the Biltmore International Rose Trials to look forward to beginning Friday. As a member of the permanent judging panel, I have been evaluating the roses in the competition for over two years. I can’t wait to see my special rose friends from across the country and unveil the winners for 2018.

It promises to be the beginning of a fabulous fall.


The Principal Undergardener said...

Never name your woodchucks. It encourages them to stick around or, worse, tell their offspring to take over the family business!

Lynn Hunt said...

I think it is too late, Neal. Woodrow and his family of four seem to have settled in for the duration. But I won't start naming the bears!! Thanks for stopping by.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Oh dear, I feel your pain. This has been one of my worst summers, too--for so many reasons. 100 inches of rain! I thought it was bad here. Hang in there! Enjoy the Rose Trials!

Lynn Hunt said...

Thanks Beth! Looking forward to seeing all those gorgeous roses! Will take my mind off how lousy mine look :)

Gregory Davis said...

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